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Your organization’s IT admin uses Software Center to install applications, software updates, and upgrade Windows. Warning: Windows 7 is generally preferred to Windows 10 Windows 7 is considered safer (with the use of telemetry-disabling tools such as Ancile Script ). Additionally, one may find the existence of a suspicious “NSA registry key” —included on all Windows versions since NT 4—to be cause to further call into question the value Microsoft places on its users’ privacy. Windows 7 has a set of hidden built-in country related themes to liven up your desktop environment.

Blender, one of the best free video editing software, is available on Windows, Mac, and Linux. It’s a shame Source that some options (including overlays, which create interesting double exposure effects), are exclusive to the premium version of Polarr, but the free edition is nonetheless an excellent app for enhancing your photos and a worthy addition to any Windows 10 device. It is, however, also available as a free Windows 10 app, with matching Mac, mobile, and web apps.

Chances are good that your Microsoft-supplied Universal apps — the tiled ones, on the right side of the Start menu — aren’t up-to-date. Open the View tab on the File Explorer ribbon, click Options, then click Apply to Folders under View. To do this, go into the desktop, right-click an open area of the taskbar, and select Properties to display the Taskbar and Navigation Properties dialog box. You will also find the options for shutting down in the Start menu; you just have to click on the Power” to access this option.

While iPhone users get some integration, Android users, especially in this Windows update, get far more capabilities for interaction between their phone and PC. Company spokespeople told me that Microsoft is working with Apple to try to get more integration, and things like the Timeline will indeed be coming to iOS through apps like the mobile versions of Edge and Cortana. A) Copy and paste the following texts and then hit the Enter key, you’ll see a list of your install programs after a brief moment.

Here are the best tools for working around or replacing the Start Menu. Regardless of the nature of your maintenance or service management challenge, IFS has a solution for you. The program makes available a selection of folders that you can access at any time with a middle-click in Windows Explorer and in default save or open dialog windows. Click the ‘More Details’ button and under the ‘Processes’ tab look for an entry named ‘Windows Explorer’.

Anvisoft Cloud System Booster is one of the best free PC optimization software which is also available in premium version. Where C” is the drive letter where Windows will store the installed applications list. To enable “Hey, Cortana”, swipe from the right (or click the Notifications icon in the Windows 10 System Tray) to reveal the new Action Centre (Notifications), then tap the All Settings option. Another organizational tool available in Windows 10 is the Windows Timeline feature.

This includes file browsers, but also other file related programs such as archiving software or viewers. They’re handy submenus that list frequently or recently opened files in each of your programs. And, as you don’t need a lot of extra memory or processor power in order to run Windows, you may find that Wine can often provide better performance than using a virtual machine (especially for games and graphics apps).

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