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  • Code/ Description:-

    P-490301 – Amber, Blue, Frosted, Green, Transparent Glass Bottle with Sprayer

    Available sizes : 5ml, 10ml, 15ml, 30ml, 50ml, 100ml

    MOQ: 1 Bag
    Please check for stock availability

  • Code/ Descriptions:-

    PL-8HT – 8ml

    PL-18X68 – 10ML

    PL-370131 – 13ML

    PL-11HB – 11ML

    PL-A599 – 10ML

    PL-4542 – 9ML


    MOQ- 50pc per beg with one color of sprayer head

    Please check for the stock availability

  • Code/ Description:-

    2.5DJ – 3ml

    3m – 3ml

    350051 – 5ml

    8HY – 8ml

    8HT – 8ml

    14YB – 14ml

    *An 8ml perfume glass bottle come with roller cap in aluminum or plastic, wood cork diffuser and sprayer.


    MOQ : 50-100pc

    Please check for stock availability