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Concentrated Degreaser

Can be used in various jobs – automotive maintenance/ industrial grease clean up with focus on areas on heavy duty cleanings

Key Features

Strong and fast acting for the toughest jobs

Residue-free performance prevents unsightly white residue stains

Pleasant herbal fragrance

Quickly breaks down even the toughest grease

Easy to use, spray on and wipe off


Add 1 part of Degreaser to 5 or less parts of clean water

If the grease is too heavy or thick, you may need to use an even higher concentration

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Degreser yang pekat mampu menghilangkan kesan lelehan minyak hitam, minyak gris dan debu yang melekat sekali

Cara penggunaan

(Bancuh 1 bahagian Degreaser kepada 5 bahagian air

Jika minyak/gris sukar ditanggalkan, kurangkan pencairan degreaser, agar kekuatan degreaser lebih kuat. Sembur terus SATIS Engine Cleaner pada kotoran, tunggu 3 minit kemudian bilas dengan air paip biasa atau menggunakan waterjet. Kalau degil sangat kekotoran guna span, gosok dan kemudian bilas dengan air.

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