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Wax is a non abrasive coating which protects the paint finish and microscopically fills in the dents and dimples in the paint to help the shine.

Regular waxing is necessary to protect car paint from the elements. Our product can successfully layer waxes and sealants to make your car’s paint look deeper

Key Features

Waxing protects that freshly revealed coat.

Done properly, it will act as a protective layer to keep your car looking glossy and new, whatever the vehicle’s age.

Ultimately, it can cut down the need or frequency of car polishing altogether.


applying in small, even circles with a decent amount of wax directly on the car surface, working on one section at a time.

Rub in the wax with one side of a damp microfiber towel. Take your time on each panel to achieve the best result.

Buff out the remaining product with the other, clean side of the microfiber towel.

Repeat the process if needed.

Apply the Rain Wax coating on the car’s windscreen and glasses to have optimum protection.

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Kereta yang berwarna gelap memerlukan penjagaan yang teliti agar warnanya kekal cantik dan menawan

Penggunaan product Body wax kami akan memberi kepuasan maksimum sama serpeti mengunjungi kedai

Kelebihan Produk Kami

mampu mengembalikan kilauan pada kereta

kesan kilatnya akan kekal bersinar dan tahan lama sehingga sepanjang tahun productnation

produk ini berfungsi dengan memudarkan kesan calar halus serta meratakan permukaan cat pada badan kereta untuk hasil lebih kemas dan sempurna productnation

Cara penggunaan

Lapisan wax utk melindungi cat dari kusam,menghalang calar kecil dan melindungi dr sinaran UV.

Untuk keterangan Lanjut atau untuk peluang perniagaan, sila layari laman web kami


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