Sales Inquiry :

00 6-011 162 33 755

Siti, Shah, Julia, Jess, Brian

 Delivery Via

  1. Pos / Currier
  2. Lorry
  3. Bus

Ordering Process 

  1. The buyer can cash and carry from one of our Operation Center.
  2. If the buyer wants to have a guaranteed level of stock, he/she needs to pre-order and pay in advance.
  3. The buyer have to provide us with details such as company or personal sole traders name, address and contact numbers so we can prepare the sales order. 
  4. The above information must be provided via the following email address or via whats-app to 011 162 33755
  5. 3-5 working days is required to process an order after full payment.
  6. Transport can be arranged via our own delivery for big orders, Bus or courier service for small order or self collection.
  7. If the delivery is via courier service, we do not accept responsibility for any breakages.


Payment Method

Cash / Credit Cards / Direct Bank Transfers

  • Via Alliance Bank Berhad
    • Amor Trade 
      • Act No: 580-1300-1002-4501