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Water spot damage begins as droplets of water land on paintwork and other automotive surfaces. As the water evaporates, all the minerals inside the droplet are left behind as a stain on the surface. If caught soon enough, these minerals can be simply wiped away during a car wash or with a quick detail spray. If left overnight, the spot may stick harder

A super solution for acid rain marks, tough stains , road grimes and three saps that cannot be cleaned with normal car shampoo . Our solution can do the magic and can even renew the old paint look to new

Key Features

Removes water spot stains from paint, glass and metal

Neutralizes water spot stains for effortless removal

Permanently removes stuck-on water spots in seconds


Ensure that the surface has been appropriately cleaned. Spray the watermark remover on the affected area , use a sponge  and scrub the paint’s surface in linear strokes, covering a small area at a time.

After application, wash off with clean water and wipe dry. Check if the marks are gone and repeat if needed.

Move from section by section

Note: To preserve your clearcoat, do not allow remover to stay for any longer than a minute or two on the affected surface.

Follow up with a coat of Polish and Wax to help protect the surface from future water spot contamination and etching.

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