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Removes water mark stains from windshield glass side mirror and etc

Key Features

cleans stains and watermark from windscreen


Spray the solution to the affected area. Keep on scrubbing the windscreen with the cloth or sponge until the watermarks are removed completely. Go from one section to another at a time, keeping the finish wet for 30seconds.

Rinse the area with water where the solution was applied and towel dry.

Repeat this method a few times (especially for heavily stained glass)

Ensure the remover does not get on the body paint or plastic parts as it may etch the outer layer away.

Once completed, rinse the glass and car body with plenty of water to ensure the acid is completely removed from the car, especially the car body

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menghilangkan kesan watermark (tompok air) pada cermin

Cara penggunaan

Jangan lakukan pada bawah matahari terik #Buat satu tingkap ke satu tingkap

Pastikan basuh dengan air sabun setelah selesai

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